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Portugal Ganuo cork mat


GRANORTE is a Portuguese company, founded in 1972, specializing in cork making. Thanks to their excellent quality of cork products, they have gained reputation all over the world.

GRANORTE with a sound financial structure, high standards of technology and human resources, continue to focus on quality, scientific research and environmental protection, continued steady growth, has gradually become soft wood has become one of the most reliable and most famous company.


The polymerized cork is produced by a combination of pressure and temperature on a specific size of cork particles and a mixture of polyurethane and cork adhesives. 40 cork honeycomb structure per cubic centimeter, low thermal conductivity, effective heat insulation and sound insulation.



Softwood sheet; polymerized cork cushion. The standard size is 900 * 600mm, and the thickness can be between 0.8 and 190mm.


Because of the low thermal conductivity and sound insulation of cork, it is possible to use polymerized cork cushion as a good bedding auxiliary material for the floor. It adds moisture factor and uses Microban's versatile antibacterial, odor control and surface modification solutions. In the manufacturing process, the Microban mat technology is added to make the cork gasket cleaner and breathable.


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