Color matching principle of solid wood flooring and furniture

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Solid wood floor paint coating, basically maintained the character charm of wood, the color is relatively simple, can be divided into red and brown (coffee), yellow. Each color is divided into a number of different color, color and decorative furniture could be almost all common panel furniture and popular.

Solid wood flooring and furniture color, there are three principles to follow:

1 is the same color system match. If you select the brown white inlaid furniture, available Brown teak, two wing bean floor matched; choose imitation mahogany wood furniture, red line E Qianmu available leaf, balsam floor color phase. The same color match, decoration style rigorous, orderly, atmospheric.

2 is the near color system match. If you select the black walnut veneer furniture, brown fruit available Anadoe, ribbed, Iroko floor color. In color match, decoration style is lively, harmonious, delicate.

3 is to match the color system to match. Such as the choice of deep red antique furniture, some fashion family, maple flooring will choose the light yellow color. The color of the floor is white in the middle, with a contrasting effect on the deep red furniture. The contrast color matching principle should be used with caution, color vision must have professional or expert checks, color should have strong contrast effect, but also have a role in the harmonious background.

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